Specialty Timbers

Recycled Timber

Emu Timbers works closely with timber recycling plants from around Australia to source species specific recycled timber for you. For example, you can order recycled Blackbutt, recycled Spotted Gum and recycled Tallowwood etc.

You don’t have to settle for blends of species which are usually described as red, creams or tans.

The primary source of Emu’s recycled timber is timber which has been salvaged from old bridges, wharves, woolsheds etc. These structures were often built at a time when timber was available in much larger section sizes and longer lengths than it is today. Therefore it is possible to get much wider and longer boards than are available from new timber today.

The most readily available species are recycled Blackbutt, Spotted Gum, Ironbark, Bluegum Redgum, Karri, Jarrah, Tallowwood, Brushbox, Messmate and Mountain Ash.

Emu Recycled Timber can supply:

  • Recycled flooring
  • Recycled stair treads and risers
  • Recycled cladding and lining boards
  • Recycled posts and beams

Thermally Modified Timber: FSC Cambia

Thermally modified timber is ideally suited for use as decking, cladding and outdoor furniture.

The thermal modification process limits the ability of the timber to absorb moisture so the boards are less prone to cup, warp and twist. This extends the life of applied finishes.

The thermal modification process also removes the nutrients in the timber that encourage wood destroying fungi and microbes.

Thermally modified timber ranges from a deep chocolate brown to bordering on black. However, like all timber, thermally modified timber will still go grey if not maintained.

Traditional sizes along with wider and thicker boards can be run. See photos in the Gallery for an example of where Cambia has been used as a decking

Technical Information

If you would like more information on the technical properties of the various timber species visit www.timber.net.au/resources/species