American Oak Flooring 

American Oak flooring is highly sought after because of its light colour and distinct grain structure. It is prized for its hardness and it glues and screws well. It also takes stain well and finishes well.

It is available in a range of widths right up to 220mm. The boards come tongue and grooved and end matched.

Components for matching stairs can also be supplied.

Contact Michael if you would like to see some samples of beautiful American Oak floor boards.

Australian Hardwood Flooring

A large number of Australian hardwoods can be milled into flooring. They are typically classified by colour into reds, browns and whites.

Currently the most popular species are Blackbutt (a white) and Spotted Gum (a brown). These species are hard and durable and will take stain but not as easily as American Oak.

The widest boards are typically 130 mm but are sometimes available at 180mm.

If your budget is under pressure you can get Australian mixed species flooring sometimes referred to as “Chestnut”

Also regularly used for flooring is Tallowwood, Ironbark and Brushbox.

Emu Timbers has samples of all these species so don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to see a selection of them.

Recycled Timber Flooring

Most of the available species of recycled timber can be run into flooring. Recycled timber flooring has character and beauty.

One of the great things about using recycled timber for flooring is that it is possible to get much wider boards than with new Australian hardwood flooring. Recycled timber floorboards can be run into widths up to 230mm and possibly wider if stock is available.

Recycled timber flooring can be run to a traditional tongue and grooved profile or secret nailed profile.

Recycled timber stair treads and risers can be milled to match your recycled timber flooring.

Thermally Modified Timber Flooring : FSC Cambia.

The process of thermally modifying wood began in Scandinavia about 25 years ago. The process has evolved today to become a clean and energy efficient technology.

The process of thermal modification creates timber that is dimensionally stable, that is less prone to cupping, warping and shrinkage when changes in humidity occur.

The increase in dimensional stability extends the service life of applied finishes.

Thermally modified timber can be run into the traditional floorboard sizes and in both tongue and grooved and secret nail profile. Wider boards can also be run as can stair treads and risers to suit.

The thermally modified Cambia that is distributed by Emu Timbers is 100% FSC Certified.

The thermal modification process creates timber flooring that ranges from a deep chocolate colour to almost black.

French Provencal Flooring

Using a grey aging process on recycled timber floorboards it is possible to create a beautiful, authentic looking French Provencal floor.

This process is suited to limited species and it creates a more authentic looking floor than one that has simply had a grey wash put over it.

It also creates a floor that is easily distinguishable from an engineered floor.

Floor Laying and Finishing

Emu timbers works closely with the expert floor layers at Skandi Flooring. We are happy to arrange a quotation for the laying and finishing of your floor.